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US Residents

Guest speakers, lecturers or external reviewers are considered vendors for the process of payment of honorariums.

​Vendors must complete the Taxpayer Identification Request (Substitute W-9) form to receive payment from the University. The online W-9 form automates the safe collection of the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) necessary to pay a vendor.

Payments will be made electronically direct deposited to the vendors bank account.  Procurement does not issue paper checks. 

We will send out a link to the W-9 form for the vendor to complete and once they are loaded into the system, which usually takes 48-72 hours, then payment can be processed.

Please see Ariadne López for assistance.

UD W-9 Form

Non-US Residents

Honorarium payments may be made only to a non-resident alien who is in an immigration status that legally allows such payments. The visa types B-1, B-2, W/B, W/T and UD J-1 are eligible.

THE UD W-8 form, Payment Authorization for non US-citzens paid through Procurement Services, must be completed for Honorarium or Payment for Services of a Non-U.S. citizen.  The visitor or Department designee must bring the original visa documents to the Office for International Students & Scholars (OISS) to be photocopies. 

When OISS approved the UDW-8 form, a copy of the approved form will be sent to the department.  Itis to be attached to the request for payment paperwork and sent to Procurement Services for processing.  OISS will retain the original UDW-8.

Please see Ariadne López for assistance.

UD W-8 Form

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