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MA in Languages, Literatures and Cultures (MA-LLC)

The Master of Arts in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (MALLC) is designed to enable a wide range of student interests and career goals. The program offers students an in-depth study of the target language(s), literature(s), and culture(s). Students who complete this program find that the additional exposure to the language and culture in literature courses has prepared them for educational or other career opportunities requiring target language fluency, critical-thinking skills, and general familiarity with the target culture in areas such as teaching, international business, and government. The program also prepares students for study at the PhD level in international literary studies or (especially in the case of those who elect the major/minor or double major option) in comparative literature.

This Master's program has three options: a single major (30 credits), a major/minor (36 credits), and a double major (42 credits). All students take at least half their courses in the target language and literature of their major field (French, Italian, or Spanish).

Major Fields: French and Spanish

Minor Fields: French, German, Latin, Italian, Russian and Spanish Literary studies, Women and Gender Studies, Linguistics and FL Pedagogy.             

Coursework for MA-LLC students

 A. Single Major (30 credits)

  • At least eight courses (24 credits) in the major language/literature; the other two courses may be in the major language/literature, literary theory, or related areas (including FL pedagogy).*

B. Major/Minor (36 credits)

  • Major/Minor (36 credits) Twelve courses, including a minimum of eight courses (24 credits) in the major language/literature, and at least three courses (9 credits) in the minor. The twelfth course may be in the language/literature of the major or minor, in literary theory, or related areas (Foreign Language Pedagogy, for example).* In no instance may the student take more credits outside the department than in the department in any one semester. Students wishing to pursue a minor must apply to the Graduate Studies Committee for admission to the minor. Criteria for admission are the same as those applied to all other degree candidates. Once admitted to the minor, the student must be assigned an advisor who is a member of the graduate faculty. With the advisor's approval, the student will select courses with the goal of a comprehensive program of study. 

C. Double Major (42 credits)

  • Double Major (42 credits) Minimum of six courses in the language/literature of each of the two major fields (French, German, or Spanish). The remaining two courses may be in one or both of the major languages/ literatures, literary theory, or related areas (including FL pedagogy).

Note: All recipients of a Graduate Assistantship (TAship, RAship, etc.) are required to take FLLT 623 in the first fall semester of study. If a student has completed course work judged equivalent to FLLT 622, 623 or 624 and can provide documentation (e.g., teaching portfolio, syllabi, teaching certificate), substitutions within the field of FL pedagogy may be accepted.

Comprehensive Examinations
  • The comprehensive examinations in the student's major area or areas (i.e., French and/or Italian, and/or Spanish) have a written as well as an oral portion. The examinations are based on coursework and on reading lists available online.
  • Students must submit their finalized reading lists to their GSC language representative by the last day of September (fall exams) or the last day of February (spring exams).
  • Admission to the oral examination will be granted only to those students who have passed the written examination.
  • Students who fail the exam may retake it only once. In some cases, where the student fails a portion of the exam that represents less than 50% of the whole, the faculty may require the student to retake only the section(s) failed. Students have the opportunity to do so only once.
  • For borderline cases, a written assignment may be required by the faculty.
  • For the minor field, there is no examination, but prior advisement to assure a coherent program is necessary. Students should consult their advisor.
  • Results of the comprehensive examination will be communicated to the student by the relevant language faculty's member on the Graduate Studies Committee and forwarded to the Director of Graduate Studies.
Courses in Major/Minor Language


Courses in Minor Language

Courses in Minor Fields

Women & Gender Studies:
Applied Linguistics/Pedagogy:

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