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Russian Course Offerings - Spring 2021

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RUSS 106 Russian II - Elementary/Intermediate

Completion of basic Russian. Increasing mastery of the basic skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. 

4 credit hours


RESTRICTIONS: Two to three years of high school Russian acceptable in lieu of prerequisite.

RUSS 205-010/080 Russian Conversation

Practical use of the language. Emphasis on topics drawn from contemporary Russian life and literature. 

3 credit hours


RUSS 211-010/080 Russian Reading and Composition: Short Fiction

Reading and discussion of 20th-century Russian short stories and novellas. Several short compositions. Grammar review where appropriate. 

3 credit hours


Note: This course satisfies the College of Arts & Sciences Group A: Creative Arts & Humanities Breadth Requirement.

RUSS 310-010/080 Introduction to Russian Literature I

Masterpieces of poetry, narrative prose and drama from the 19th century. 

3 credit hours


RUSS 465-010/080 Seminar

Various authors and themes. 

3 credit hours

PREREQ: One 400-level Russian literature course 

RESTRICTIONS: May be repeated for credit three times when topics vary.

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Russian Course Offerings - Spring
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Russian Course Offerings - Spring 2021
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