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Russian Course Offerings - Fall 2020

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RUSS 105 Russian I - Elementary

Introduction to the Russian language and development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through the use of basic texts.

4 credit hours

RUSS 107 Russian III - Intermediate

Review of grammar, continued practice in speaking and writing, and reading texts of average difficulty. 

4 credit hours


RESTRICTIONS: Four years of high school Russian acceptable in lieu of prerequisite. Satisfies College of Arts and Sciences language requirement.

RUSS 305-010/080 Russian Conversation and Composition

Discussion of current cultural, social and political topics in Russia and the former republics. Vocabulary building, grammar exercises and frequent compositions. 

3 credit hours

PREREQ: Any 200-level course conducted in Russian

LLCU 327-010/080 Topics: Russian Literature in Translation

Study of the works of one or more outstanding authors or of a special theme. Taught in English. See for topics. 

3 credit hours

RESTRICTIONS: May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

Note: This course satisfies the College of Arts & Sciences Group A: Creative Arts & Humanities Breadth Requirement.

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Russian Course Offerings - Fall
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Russian Course Offerings - Fall 2020
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