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Japanese Course Offerings

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JAPN 201-010/080:  Advanced Intermediate Japanese I 

This course covers chapters 14-18 of Genki II textbook.  Students learn to use various grammatical forms to convey different nuances.  Classes are conducted mostly in Japanese.  Activities include oral, reading and writing exercises on various topics. About 90 additional Kanji are introduced. This is a required course for JAPN majors and minors. 


JAPN 202-010/080: Advanced Intermediate Japanese II 

This course covers the last five chapters of Genki II textbook. Students learn to use various grammatical forms to convey different nuances. Classes are conducted in Japanese. Activities include oral presentations and essays on various topics. The goal is to reach ACTFL Intermediate Mid at the end of the course. About 75 additional Kanji are introduced. This is a required course for JAPN majors and minors.

PREREQ: JAPN201 or 206.

NOTE: Course fulfills Arts and Sciences Breadth Requirement: Group C 

JAPN 204-010/080: The Art of Japanese Calligraphy 

This is an introductory in the art of Shodo, Japanese calligraphy. Students will learn the aesthetics and styles of traditional calligraphy through exposure to works done by masters and develop basic brush techniques through vigorous practice. Once the rudimentary techniques are mastered, students will move onto Japanese Kana poems, such as haiku and tanka, and Chinese Kanji poems. Abstract shodo is also explored. Students must purchase their own supplies. Ink stone and mat are available to borrow from instructor.)


NOTE: Fulfills University Breadth Requirement: Creative Arts and Humanities. Arts and Sciences Breadth requirement: Group A

JAPN 301-010/080: Advanced Japanese Grammar 

This is a course designed for students who want to achieve an advanced level of fluency in Japanese language through various cultural topics. The goal is to be able to use the language in natural and native-like manners, both in written and oral forms.  Students are introduced to more advanced grammatical forms, idioms, Kanji, and vocabulary. Topics include Japanese geography, technology, foods, and pop culture. Each student will design an individual final project.  

PREREQ: successful completion of JAPN202 or 205

JAPN455-010/080: Advanced Japanese Literature 

Students acquire skill in reading works from modern Japanese literature in the original language, and learn how to discuss literature in Japanese – in written essays, informal class discussions, and formal oral presentation. Building on skills from JAPN355 and other 400-level courses, students read texts of greater length and complexity. Texts include excerpts from Tezuka Osamu’s autobiography, miscellanies by Endō Shūsaku and the beginning of a Meiji or Taisho period novel. Class work includes reading the Japanese text aloud and offering a translation, with discussion of the text’s meaning and significance in Japanese. Each student will be encouraged to find their own interpretation of the text and will have the opportunity to share their thoughts with the class. Honors students will also be able to pursue their own research interests with regard to Japanese literature.

LLCU351-010/080    ‘Videogames and Japanese Culture’     

This course aims to acquaint students with the major genres of videogames produced by Japanese development companies, as well as the major critical approaches taken to the study of those games. Issues for discussion include the dominance of console platforms in Japan as opposed to online or PC gaming; different approaches to the roleplaying game taken by Nintendo and Square Enix; and problematic representations of gender and race in specific game texts. We will examine theoretical terms like ‘immersion’ and ‘identification’ and see how these apply to different styles of play. We will examine the role of graphics and dimensionality in immersion, especially the effect of increasingly realistic environments. The importance of the cutscene will be examined in contrast to the opening cinematic sequences of attract mode, as well as graphic representation in the normal field of play. Performance will be examined in terms of arcade games and the arcade roots of many contemporary games, with particular reference to the creation of doubled space. During this course, students will be expected to log a certain number of hours playing game texts from different genres in the Games Lab in Morris Library. We will be using games developed for the PlayStation 2 and 3, including games from the following series: Final Fantasy, Virtua Fighter, Tekken, Metal Gear Solid, Soul Calibur, and Katamari Damacy. Case studies of particular game developers will include the visionaries Hideo Kojima and Tetsuya Nomura. No game experience is necessary; no Japanese language experience necessary. Just a willingness to engage with a wide range of games!

NOTE: Honors students will have the opportunity to complete a research essay on a topic related to the course content.

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Japanese Course Offerings
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Japanese Course Offerings
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