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Chinese Course Offerings - Fall 2020

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CHIN 105 Chinese I – Elementary 

Introduction to the contemporary Mandarin Chinese language through developing listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing skills, including mastery of the pinyin pronunciation system and introduction to Chinese characters.

4 credit hours

CHIN 106 Chinese II - Elementary/Intermediate

Continued practice in the aural, oral, reading and writing skills of Mandarin Chinese including the identification and reproduction of basic Chinese characters. Introduction to formality levels and to reading and writing texts in Chinese characters. 

4 credit hours


CHIN 107 Chinese III - Intermediate

Development of aural, oral, reading and writing skills at the intermediate Chinese level, including continued practice in identifying and reproducing Chinese characters, handling a greater variety of formality levels, and further comprehending spoken (Koutouyu) and written (Shumianyu) language differences. 

4 credit hours


RESTRICTIONS: Satisfies College of Arts and Sciences language requirement.

CHIN 200-010/080 Chinese Grammar and Composition

Further study of Mandarin Chinese grammar, and further development of all four language skills for communication. Emphasis on grammar and essay writing. 

3 hours

PREREQ: CHIN107 or instructor's permission

CHIN204-010/080 The Art of Chinese Calligraphy

Introduction to the rich art of Chinese calligraphy that has a long history of over 2,000 years. Explore the evolution of Chinese characters, the aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy, various kinds of intriguing ink and brush writing. Students will learn how to use brush pen and some basics of Chinese painting and be able to paint simple objects.

3 credit hours

CHIN 355-010/080 Special Topics

Explores an area of special interest in Chinese literature or culture studies. 

3 credit hours

PREREQ: Two CHIN courses at the 200- level, one of which must be CHIN200 or instructor's permission. 

RESTRICTIONS: May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

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Chinese Course Offerings - Fall
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Chinese Course Offerings - Fall 2020
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