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Chinese Course Offerings

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CHIN 204: The Art of Chinese Calligraphy  

This course introduces students to the rich art of Chinese calligraphy. Students will first learn how to use brush pen to practice Chinese calligraphy after learning Tai Chi and meditation. Students will learn basics of Chinese painting and be able to pain simple objects such as insects, fish, and flowers. This class has an honors add-on section.

NOTE: Satisfies Multiculturalism

CHIN 201: Advanced Intermediate Chinese (I)

This is a four-skilled course with trainings in all areas of language use with a strong emphasis on reading and listening comprehension. Students will be exposed to authentic and communicative materials from formal textbooks, supplementary listening exercises and pop music.


CHIN355: Advanced Readings in Chinese

This course is designed to improve students’ integrated language skills through dialogues from TV programs and films. Students will develop abilities to comprehend authentic language materials, understand features of spoken and written Chinese, and produce paragraph-level Chinese on familiar topics. 

PREREQ: Two CHIN courses at 200- level, one of which must be CHIN200 or instructor's permission.

NOTE: May be repeated for credit when topics vary.

CHIN455: Classical Chinese

This class introduces basic grammatical structures, syntactic patterns, and historical development of classical Chinese. It offers basic training in classical Chinese through translation and discussion in class, focusing on grammar and vocabulary. The course is taught in English and Chinese.

PREREQ: One CHIN courses at the 300 level or instructor's permission.

CHIN467: Translation Between English and Chinese

This class aims to serve two purposes: to enhance students overall language skills through translation and interpretation practice and to acquaint them with translation theories to enrich their self-reflection upon and awareness of the cultural implications of translation practice. Students will have hands-on experiences with translation of authentic materials in genres varying from short stories, movie clips, journal articles, to conference presentations and interviews. Along with translation practice, students will have chance to read research articles introducing theories addressing many issues in translation studies.

PREREQ: Two courses at the 300-level or instructor's permission.

LLCU331: Love, Death, and Gender in Chinese Films

Description: This course introduces to students Chinese culture/society through the cinematic perspective, and acquaints them with a knowledge of Chinese film aesthetic and filmmaking. The course fulfills Multicultural requirements and counts towards Chinese Minor and East Asian Studies Major.


NOTE: Satisfies Multiculturalism

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Chinese Course Offerings
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Chinese Course Offerings
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