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Spanish Course Offerings

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SPAN 303-080 and SPAN 303-081 Survey of Spanish American Literature

In this class, students will enrich their understanding of Latin American cultures and texts through literary readings from the Pre-Columbian Period through Modernism. They will also improve their written and oral Spanish with homework, class participation, presentation and final work. Instead of writing essays during the semester, students will write a final paper and participate in the creation of a supplementary "text" for the class (in Canvas) that not only serves as a study guide for the exams, but will serve as a "modern example" for one of the themes that we will investigate throughout the semester: the evolution of textual formats in the encounter between diverse peoples, cultures, and formats for registering memory. 

SPAN 455-11/81 Selected Authors, Works, and Themes: “Bodies, Blood, and Beauty: Health and Disease in Early Modern Spain” 

The expansion of the Spanish Empire fostered new ways of imagining health and beauty within its realms. During the early modern period, health was not only determined by visible signs of physiological well-being, but also on more hidden markers, such as the purity of one’s blood. The view of disease as an imbalance or impurity of one’s complexion was easily appropriated by political discourse to justify the creation of “difference” between the various members of the Spanish body politic. Through medical, political, and literary readings, we will explore the relationship between the changing medical theories on health and disease and the marginalization of the supposedly “diseased” members of the Spanish body politic such as conversos, moriscos, and Native Americans. Some of the authors we will read include Fernando de Rojas, Francisco Delicado, Cervantes, Calderón, Huarte de San Juan, and Enriquez. 

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Spanish Course Offerings
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Spanish Course Offerings
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