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Italian Course Offerings Fall 2020

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ITAL 200 Italian Grammar Review

You want to learn a second language, but you're afraid of being bored. Then take this opportunity to change your opinion! You will be engaged in learning Italian and its grammar through short stories, films, debates and many other activities. This course is a great way to review the fundamentals of the language and fine tune your communication skills.  

Prerequisite: ITAL 107

ITAL 205 Italian Conversation

You're so close to proficiency in Italian! Consolidate your hard‐earned language skills through conversation and oral presentations, with grammar review and written work when appropriate. Students will discuss current events along with material from films, the Internet and other sources. Have fun while improving your speaking skills! 

Prerequisite: ITAL 107

ITAL 211 Italian Reading & Composition

Let the masters of the Italian short story teach you how to write! This course emphasizes vocabulary acquisition and written expression. Students will read and discuss short works of literature and film. You will improve your writing skills, add to your rich stock of conversation topics in Italian, and begin your love affair with contemporary Italian authors. 

Prerequisite: ITAL 200, ITAL 205, or ITAL 206 

Counts as Group A

ITAL 300 Advanced Italian Composition and Grammar

In this course students will practice, apply and enhance the language skills used in previous classes through a variety of writing projects (i.e.: summaries, opinion papers, narrations, feature articles, descriptions) and class participation. 

Prerequisites: ITAL 211 or ITAL 212

ITAL 311 Survey of Italian Literature

This course explores Italy’s recent literary past through some of its greatest authors and their masterpieces. By focusing on selected works from the 17th Century to the present, students will also gain a better understanding of Italy’s cultural history while further enhancing their language skills. 

Prerequisites: ITAL 211 or ITAL 212 

Counts as Group B

ITAL 455/655 Contemporary Italian Literature

This course will explore topics such as female subjectivity and interplay with space and society, emigration, national identity and gender. From the north of Italy to the south, a panoramic depiction of modern society will be offered. Novels by major contemporary Italian authors such as Ferrante, Maraini, Mazzucco and Saviano will be read, analyzed and discussed. In addition to the readings and the analyses of these authors, some clips and movies will also be shown.

Prerequisites: any two ITAL 3xx classes

LLCU 420/620 Contemporary Italian Cinema:  "Fascism and Trumpism, Family and Sexuality, Migration and Sickness, in Contemporary Italian Cinema." 

This course will explore Italian cinema from 2001 until the present. A range of films and film clips will guide us through an examination of the impact and the importance that Italian cinema has on world cinema and culture. This kind of Italian cinema had the civic courage to address the rebirth of Fascism under the guise of Berlusconi, a Trump‐like kind of tycoon; to delve into the beauty and the dark mysteries of the Italian family; to analyze the dramatic experiences of the new migrants to Italy and the devastating effects of sickness over the traditional structure of family and society. Students will examine directors such as Francesca Archibugi, Paolo Sorrentino, Matteo Garrone, Cristina Comencini, Roberta Torre, Andrea Molaioli, Roberto Guadagnino, Giorgio Diritti, Emanuele Crialese, Franco Maresco, Andrea Segre, Giuseppe Piccioni, Maria Sole Tognazzi, and Alice Rohrwacher.   

* If you are an Italian major or minor you may be able to take this course for Italian credit with an additional Italian language component: please email Prof. Melloni at for more information.   

Prerequisites: None   

Second Writing Requirement; Group A Requirement; Honors credit available!

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Italian Course Offerings Fall 2020
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