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Classics Course Offerings - Fall 2020

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Cellini - Perseus with the head of Medusa

LLCU/CMLT 316: Classical Mythology: God, Heroes, and Monsters

How close are original Greek and Roman myths to the versions you’ve heard? You would probably be surprised by the differences. The Classical tales of gods, heroes, and monsters form a tapestry of the raw and brutal elements of our universe. Woven into this are the threads of human adversity and, as is so often the case, human fragility in the face of legendary beasts, cruel kings, and the powerful Olympian gods. Join us as we explore both popular and lesser-known myths from the Greek and Roman worlds. Along the way, we’ll uncover the fascinating origins, meanings, and histories of these stories that continue to inspire, shock, and amaze us today. 

Offered with an honors section (080). 

Satisfies: Group “A” breadth requirement 

LLCU330: Race and Ethnicity in the Ancient World

What made an ancient Greek person Greek? Or a Persian Persian for that matter? Did the Greeks and Romans have a concept of race and ethnicity? If so, do they bear any resemblance to modern views? Were there inequalities based on race and ethnicity that confronted ancient societies as today? Join us in Race and Ethnicity in the Ancient World as we explore how categories of race and ethnicity are presented in the literature and artistic works of Greece and Rome, and how ancient thinking remains current and influential today. Our case studies pay particular attention to concepts including notions of racial formation and origin, ancient theories of ethnic superiority, and linguistic, religious, and cultural features as a means of ethnic differentiation. We will also examine the nexus between ancient racism and the numerous social institutions and processes related to it, such as slavery, colonization, migrations, imperialism, assimilation, native revolts, and genocide. 

Prerequisite: none 

Satisfies: Group B requirement 

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Classics Course Offerings - Fall 2020
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