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Italian Week 2019

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​In Spring 2019, “Italian Week” – organized by by Dr. Saggese with the help of the Italian faculty and the student-run Circolo Italiano – returned for a second year. A variety of activities organized around the theme “Roma” involved students, professors, experts, and the public. A cooking class on Roman cuisine with Chef Renata attracted many students who prepared Roman dishes such as spaghetti alla carbonara, penne all’amatriciana, and bucatini cacio e pepe from scratch. In cooperation with the Department of Music, Professor Christine Delbeau’s piano students performed music by Italian composers and music with Italian influences, including pieces by Scarlatti, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Martucci, Debussy and Respighi. Dr. Dilia Lopez Gydosh of the Department of Fashion gave a lecture on “Ancient Roman Style in Contemporary Fashion” in which she presented the origins and evolution of dress and fashion in relation to global societies and cultures; while Dr. Bernard Frischer’s exciting presentation on “Rome Reborn” discussed an international initiative to create a 3D reconstruction of ancient Rome in AD 320. 

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Italian Week 2019
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Italian Week 2019
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