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New Faculty Members

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Dr. Tracy Quan
Dr. Tracy Quan

​Dr. Tracy Quan

Dr. Tracy Quan. PhD in Spanish Applied Linguistics (University of California, Davis). Dr. Quan is a specialist in second language acquisition and Spanish applied linguistics. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Spanish language, linguistics, and pedagogy. She is also the director and advisor of the Foreign Language Education program. Her research explores: a) the linguistic development and identity construction of second and heritage language learners during study abroad; b) the phenomenon of formulaic language–or chunks of words that tend to go together–and its relationship to L2 oral fluency; and c) the spaces Latina families leverage to maintain Spanish and promote academic success within their communities. Currently, she is working on a project that analyzes case studies of multilingual learners and Spanish heritage speakers studying abroad using a translanguaging framework.

Dr. Tyson Sukava
Dr. Tyson Sukava

​Dr. Tyson Sukava

Dr. Tyson Sukava. PhD in Classics (University of British Columbia). Dr. Sukava began teaching courses in Greek and Latin as well as literature and culture in translation in the fall of 2017. His general research interests cluster around the intellectual history of ancient Greece and Rome, with a primary focus on Greek medicine and science.  His current projects examine the channels for exchanging ideas between so-called expert groups and the general public and how these ideas were variously received and integrated.  His research therefore extends to other genres, including especially Greek drama and lyric poetry.

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New Faculty Members
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New Faculty Members
Fall 2018 Polyglot
  • Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures
  • Jastak-Burgess Hall
  • University of Delaware
  • 30 East Main St.
  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • Phone: 302-831-2591