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Dr. Hans Jorg Busch

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A Complete Guide to the Spanish Subjunctive
A Complete Guide to the Spanish Subjunctive

Dr. Hans-Jörg Busch. A Complete Guide to the Spanish Subjunctive. New York: Routledge, 2017. This text is the most complete reference guide to the use of the subjunctive in Spanish. After an exhaustive review of published literature on the subjunctive, and a thorough discussion of all the uses of the subjunctive, including those that have generated much discussion, for example after 'el hecho de que,' causative predicates and verbs of emotion, as well as after certain conjunctions, such as 'aunque' and 'después de que,' the book presents a comprehensive theory of the subjunctive and provides practical rules for understanding, teaching, and acquiring this linguistic structure. The book contains a wealth of authentic examples throughout drawn from linguistic corpora such as the Corpus de Referencia del Español Actual (CREA) and the Corpus del Español del Siglo XXI (CORPES XXI), large databases compiled by the Royal Spanish Language Academy and available on-line at

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Dr. Hans Jorg Busch
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Dr. Hans Jorg Busch
Fall 2018 Polyglot, Spanish
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