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Dr. Alexander Selimov

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Derroteros de la memoria: Egilona y Pelayo en el teatro ilustrado y romántico
Derroteros de la memoria

Dr. Alexander SelimovDerroteros de la memoria: Egilona y Pelayo en el teatro ilustrado y romántico. (The Paths of Memory's Conquest: Egilona and Pelayo in Enlightenment and Romantic Theater). Leiden: Almenara Press, 2018. Gaining awareness or remembering the national past is a part of nation building process. Historical narratives function as a tool to legitimize communities as nations and states through myths of origins. However, the act of remembering is not necessarily a recovery of actual historical events. It involves a process of interpretation, manipulation, and ideological construction with the aim of fixing a hegemonic version of the past in the collective memory of people. This book explores the foundational myth of "the loss and restoration of Spain" focusing on its main characters, including Egilona, the widow of King Roderick, and Pelayo, the first King of Asturias.


Dr. Alexander Selimov. Post-factum. Madrid: Legados Ediciones, 2018. Poetry, memory, and reflexion meet in Post-Factum, a book about rebuilding and reinventing the self. You will find subversively simple text contrasting with rich and unusual vocabulary, as well as striking poetic images. The collection of poems has three sections. The storyline follows a linear path: "Preludio" focuses on the experiences of a young Soviet translator in Cuba during the late 1980s, while "Post-Factum" and "Edenes" gravitate between Spain and the US of the last two decades.

Ventanas a otros cuerpos
Ventanas a otros cuerpos

Dr. Alexander Selimov. Ventanas a otros cuerpos (Windows to Other Bodies). Madrid: Editorial Verbum, 2017. "Dr. Alexander Selimov's poetry oscillates, in this book, between crisis and the recovery of intimacy, between absence and presence, between the past and the present, between the "you" and the self, and between companionship and loneliness. We are in the presence of one of the most authentic voices in the panorama of contemporary poetry in Spanish which, as an added merit, has fully integrated into a linguistic community and a cultural identity far removed from its origins."  —Ángel Esteban, University of Granada.

Desafío y otros poemas (The Challenge and Other Poems)
Desafio y otros poemas

Dr. Alexander Selimov. Desafío y otros poemas (The Challenge and Other Poems) Hockessin: Ibero-American Literary Society, 2019. Desafío y otros poemas is a book of anti-war poems that merited the 2018 Victoria Urbano Poetry Prize Honorable Mention. Some of the poems also appeared in a peer-reviewed academic journal: Revista de Estudios de Género y Sexualidades (formerly LETRAS FEMENINAS), Vol 44, No 1 (2018): REGS 44.1 Summer-Fall 2018. In April and May of 2019, Desafío  was the  #1 best-selling new release in Hispanic American poetry.

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Dr. Alexander Selimov
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Dr. Alexander Selimov
Fall 2018 Polyglot, Spanish
  • Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures
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