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Co-curricular Activities

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Departmental Activities

Late August:

Orientation program required for all new faculty and for funded graduate students who are new to the department or who entered the program the previous semester.

September or October:

Welcome reception for graduate students. Mandatory Library Workshop for first-year graduate students.

October/November and March/April:

Distinguished Scholars Lecture Series. Once each semester, a distinguished scholar is invited to campus to deliver a lecture. A reception follows. Scholars may be from any of the various fields represented in the Department (Spanish, German, French, etc.) and a rotation has been established so that no single field dominates. Graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend these important lectures.

Fall semester:

Workshops will normally be held concerning applying to PhD programs and for Department Summer Grants.

Conferences for Graduate Students

All students, but particularly those who intend to pursue a career in academe, are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to read papers at professional conferences or to submit their works for publication. MA students may wish to "get their feet wet" by participating in conferences intended uniquely for graduate students. The following is a sample of opportunities available:

Geis Student Research on Women Conference: University of Delaware

Usually held in the Spring, with proposals due in March, papers in April. Open to all students, female and male, whose topic of research is women or gender-related issues. Papers must be in English. Sponsored by the Women's Studies Program and the Office of Women's Affairs.

Catholic University of America Foreign Language conference in March

Call for papers in the Fall which may be in either English or the target language. Each paper is limited to a twenty-minute reading time. For more information, contact: Patricia Hannon at (202) 319-5240.

Kentucky Foreign Language Conference

A professional conference with a day set aside for graduate students. Held in late April. Twenty-minute (10-12 pp.) papers may be read in the French, German, Spanish or English.

University of Pennsylvania, Romance Languages Department

Held in the Spring, with proposals due in the Fall.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Conference on Romance Literatures is held in February, with proposals due in December. A separate sheet of paper needs to be included with the proposals which includes the following information: title of paper, name, academic affiliation, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. Papers may be submitted in any Romance language, but English is preferable. The reading time is limited to 20 minutes (10-12 pages).

Graduate student, conference spending

The following notes a policy change with regard to Graduate Student conference spending (effective May 2017).

  • Each semester, two travel requests for graduate student conferences will be funded. Funding will be up to $300, budget permitting. DLLC awards will be competitive, and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis commencing on September 15 in the fall and February 15 in the spring.
  • Students must speak with their advisor regarding conferences that they will attend before presenting their proposal to the chair of the Graduate Studies Committee.
  • Funding from the department is matched by the Office of Graduate Studies at the University. Students are strongly encouraged to apply to both sources for funding.
  • Students planning to attend a conference (either funded by the department or otherwise) will need to discuss their arrangement for coursework and teaching with the GSC chair.
Graduate Student Publications


Published by the University of Kentucky. Spanish graduate student publication.


Published each semester by the graduate students of French at The University of Kansas. The editors invite papers (max. 20 pp.) on French literature, language, or culture, written by graduate students and non-tenured PhDs. Submissions must include 1) a copy of the essay; 2) an abstract of 75 words or less; and 3) a diskette. Microsoft Word and MLA Style required. Send submissions to Editor, Chimères, University of Kansas, Department of French and Italian, Wescoe Hall, Lawrence, KS 66045-2120. Questions? Call (785) 864-4056.

Osa Mayor

Published by the University of Pittsburgh. Spanish graduate student publication.

Paroles Gelées

Published by the University of California at Los Angeles, this annual journal accepts articles on French and Francophone literature, language and culture, and those which analyze the relationship(s) between these and other disciplines. Submissions in either English or French are accepted, but, should be limited to 25 pages in length. The articles must conform to MLA standards. A total of three copies of the article may be mailed to: Paroles Gelées, University of California, Los Angeles, Department of French, 2326 Murphy Hall, Box 951550, Los Angeles, California 90095-1550. Manuscripts are accepted year round.


Published yearly by Michigan State University. Manuscripts should not exceed 20 pages. TROPOS welcomes material relevant to the study of any aspect of Romance and Classical Languages, literatures or civilizations. Manuscripts may be in English or the target language. Manuscripts (two hard copies) should be submitted to TROPOS, Dept. of Romance and Classical Languages, Michigan State University, East Lansing MI 48824-1027. Use MLA Handbook for style.

Non-University Grants and Fellowships

Golden Key Scholars

Five $10,000 scholarships are awarded yearly to graduate students. The selections are based on outstanding academic achievement, exemplary leadership, and commitment to service. It is also required that the applicant be an alumnus of an undergraduate institution of not more than three years, and an active member of his/her Golden Key chapter. For further information, contact the Society Headquarters at 1-800-377-2401. Additional scholarship information is available to current/former Golden Key members by writing to:

Golden Key National Honor Society

Member Services

1189 Ponce de Leon Avenue

Atlanta, Georgia 30306-4624

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Co-curricular Activities
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Co-curricular Activities
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