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Members of Standing Committees

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Executive/Personnel Committee

Meredith Ray, Interim Chair

Ana Oancea (until 5/31/22)

Laura Salsini (until 5/31/22)

Rachael Hutchinson (until 5/31/21)

Phillip Penix-Tadsen (until 5/31/21)

Haihong Yang (until 5/31/21)

Flora Poindexter (until 5/31/22)

Undergraduate Studies Committee

Persephone Braham, Chair (until 12/31/20)

Ikram Masmoudi, Arabic (until 5/31/21)

Haihong Yang, Chinese (until 5/31/21)

Tyson Sukava, Classics (until 5/31/21)

Ali Alaloui, French (until 5/31/21)

Nancy Nobile, German (until 5/31/21)

Eynat Gutman, Hebrew (until 5/31/21)

Laura Salsini, Italian (until 5/31/21)

Chika Inoue, Japanese (until 5/31/21)

Julia Hulings, Russian (until 12/31/21)

Meghan McInnis-Dominguez, Spanish (until 5/31/21)

Renee Dong, FLEAC (until 5/31/21)

Graduate Studies Committee

Jesus Botello, Chair (until 5/31/22)

Phillip Penix-Tadseni, Spanish (until 12/31/20)

Edgard Sankara , French (5/31/21) 

Giorgio Melloni, Italian (until 5/31/22)

Ali Alalou, FLEAC (until 5/31/20)

Renee Dong, Chinese (until 5/31/22)

Maria da Graca Tito (until 5/31/21)

Committee on Promotion to Rank of Professor

Bruno Thibault, Chair (until February 2021)

Committee on Promotion to Rank of Associate Professor

Edgard Sankara, Chair (until February 2021)

Subcommittee on Service for Promotion to Rank of Associate Professor

Persephone Braham | Joerg Busch | Riccarda Saggese

Subcommittee on Teaching for Promotion to Rank of Associate Professor

Rachael Hutchinson | Ali Alalou | Joan Brown | Phillip Penix-Tadsen

Senate Representatives

Senator College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Senate

Phillip Penix-Tadsen (until 5/31/2021)

Senator University Faculty Senate

Hans-Jorg Busch (until 5/31/2022)

Language Faculties

Arabic          Ikram Masmoudi (until 5/31/21)

Chinese       Haihong Yang (until 5/31/21)

Classics       Tyson Sukava (until 5/31/21)

French         Ali Alalou (until 5/31/21)

German       Dr. Nancy Nobile (5/31/21) 

Hebrew       Eynat Gutman (until 5/31/21)

Italian          Laura Salsini (until 5/31/21)

Japanese     Chika Inoue (until 5/31/21)

Russian       Julia Hulings (unitl 5/31/21)

Spanish       Meghan McInnis-Dominguez (until 5/31/21)

Committee Meetings Calendar
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Members of Standing Committees
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Members of Standing Committees
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