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Members of Standing Committees

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Executive/Personnel Committee

Meredith Ray, Interim Chair

Alexander Selimov (until 5/31/21)

Cynthia Schmidt-Cruz (until 5/31/21)

Rachael Hutchinson (until 5/31/21)

Phillip Penix-Tadsen (until 5/31/21)

Haihong Yang (until 5/31/21)

Susan McKenna (until 5/31/21

Undergraduate Studies Committee

Dr. Persephone Braham, Chair (until 12/31/20)

Dr. Ikram Masmoudi, Arabic (until 5/31/20)

Dr. Haihong Yang, Chinese (until 5/31/20)

Dr. Tyson Sukava, Classics (until 5/31/20)

Dr. Deborah Steinberger, French (until 5/31/21)

Dr. Nancy Nobile, German (until 5/31/20)

Dr. Eynat Gutman, Hebrew (until 5/31/20)

Dr. Laura Salsini, Italian (until 5/31/21)

Chika Inoue, Japanese (until 5/31/20)

Julia Hulings, Russian (until 12/31/20)

Dr. Meghan McInnis-Dominguez, Spanish (until 5/31/20)

Dr. Renee Dong, FLEAC (until 5/31/20)

Graduate Studies Committee

Alexander Selimov, Chair (until 5/31/20)

Gladys Ilarregui, Spanish (until 5/31/20)

Edgard Sankara , French (5/31/20) 

Giorgio Melloni, Italian (until 5/31/20)

Jorge Cubillos, FLEAC (until 5/31/20)

Jianguo Chen, Chinese (until 5/31/20)

Alexa Kutz – (until 5/31/20)

Committee on Promotion to Rank of Professor

Jorge Cubillos, Chair (until 5/31/20)

Committee on Promotion to Rank of Associate Professor

Dr. Laura Salsini, Chair (until 5/31/21)

Subcommittee on Service for Promotion to Rank of Associate Professor

Nancy Nobile | Ali Alalou | Deborah Steinberger (until 5/31/20)

Subcommittee on Teaching for Promotion to Rank of Associate Professor

Persephone Braham | Jörg Busch | Susan McKenna (until 5/31/20)

Senate Representatives

Senator College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Senate

Hans-Jörg Busch (until 5/31/2020)

Senator University Faculty Senate

Ikram Masmoudi (until 5/31/2019)

Language Faculties

Arabic          Ikram Masmoudi (until 5/31/20)

Chinese       Haihong Yang (until 5/31/20)

Classics       Tyson Sukava (until 5/31/19)

French         Deborah Steinberger (until 5/31/19)

German       Dr. Nancy Nobile (5/31/19) 

Hebrew       Eynat Gutman (until 5/31/20)

Italian          Meredith Ray (until 5/31/19)

Japanese     Chika Inoue (until 5/31/20)

Russian       Julia Hulings (unitl 5/31/20)

Spanish       Jesús Botello (until 5/31/19)

Committee Meetings Calendar
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Members of Standing Committees
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Members of Standing Committees
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