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Coordinators and Sequence Supervisors

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Sequence Supervisors

Chinese: Haihong Yang

French: Deborah Steinberger

German: Iris Busch 

Italian: Riccarda Saggese

Japanese: Mark Miller

Russian: Julia Hulings

Spanish: Jorge Cubillos

Language Coordinators

French 105: Flora Poindexter

French 106: Donna Coulet du Gard

French 107: Judy Celli

German 105/106/107: Iris Busch

Italian 105: Riccarda Saggese

Italian 106: Roberta Morrione

Italian 107: Riccarda Saggese

Japanese 105: Mutsuko Sato

Japanese 106: Mark Miller

Japanese 107: Mark Miller

Russian 105/106/107: Julia Hulings

Spanish 105: Crista Johnson

Spanish 106: Basia Moltchanov

Spanish 107: Doris Manzano

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Coordinators and Sequence Supervisors
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Coordinators and Sequence Supervisors
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