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In a world increasingly characterized by high speed communication, travel and a dramatic increase in the international exchange of goods and services, the importance of understanding international businesses and markets in their cultural contexts becomes paramount, and the demand for employees capable of bridging cultural and linguistic divides inevitable.  The key to becoming such a valuable human resource lies in the acquisition of both the linguistic and cultural  proficiency necessary to bring people together in collaborative efforts that unify and promote international and intercultural cooperation.  The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures has a warm and devoted faculty that are both capable and committed to developing the second language proficiency and the cultural sensitivity needed to give any student interested in becoming a valued resource in an increasingly globalized world, the linguistic and cultural tools needed to participate.  Through literature, students will explore the philosophical and artistic reflections of the cultures they study, providing them with a clearer understanding of customs and perspectives that diverge from their own.  Through language classes they will watch their target language skills bloom into the confidence to explore new lands and witness fascinating collages of unusual human events.  The wealth of such encounters begins here.


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