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Dora Lucy Marín

  • Instructor of Spanish

University of Delaware
116 Jastak-Burgess Hall
Newark, DE 19716

(302) 831-0277
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M 1:30 P.M. - 2:20 P.M.
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Dora Lucy Marín is an instructor of Spanish in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. She has coordinated the Span107 multi-section level for several years now. Ms. Marín is actively directing study abroad programs during the winter and summer sessions in countries like Chile and Spain.

Ms. Marín is from Colombia, where she received her college degree in Foreign Languages at Universidad Pedagógica Nacional in Bogotá, and her Specialist degree in Foreign Languages Pedagogy and Didactics at Universidad Surcolombiana. Then she moved with her husband, Alberto Delgado, and her two sons, Yisué and Santiago, to the US where she earned her Masters’ degree at University of Delaware.

Ms. Marín has been nominated for the Excellence Teaching Award at different times by the Senate Committee on Student and Faculty Honors at the University of Delaware. She received the Outstanding Teaching Assistant award from the DLLC, and the Scholastic Excellence Award from the College of Arts & Sciences of the University of Delaware in 2004. Her thesis on “Using Technology To Enhance Language Learning” received honors from the Foreign Languages department at Universidad Surcolombiana.


  • MA. Foreign Languages & Literatures, and Pedagogy. University of Delaware
  • Specialist. Foreign Languages Pedagogy and Didactics. Universidad Surcolombiana


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