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Cynthia Schmidt-Cruz is Associate Professor of Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American and Iberian Studies. Her professional interests include 20th and 21st century Latin American literature, with a specialization in the short story and crime fiction. She is currently working on a book on the contemporary Argentine novela negra. She teaches courses on Latin American literature and culture as well as courses in Portuguese language.


  • Ph.D., Spanish, University of Wisconsin-Madison


  • Prof. Schmidt-Cruz’s articles have appeared in Hispanic Review, Latin American Literary Review, Letras Peninsulares, Chasqui, College Literatures, and MACLAS Latin American Essays, among other periodicals. Her books include an edited volume on the 2001 crisis in Argentina, a monograph on the short stories of Julio Cortázar, and a conversation textbook. Details can be found below.

  • Recent articles

  • “Murder in the Country Club: Trouble in Neoliberal Paradise in Retrato de familia con muerta by Raúl Argemí.” Polifonía 3.1 (2013): 52-67.
  • “Género negro y periodismo de investigación: el caso argentino en la década de los 90.” El género negro: el fin de la frontera. Eds. Javier Sánchez Zapatero and Alex Martín Escribá. Salamanca: Andavira, 2012. 319-325.
  • The Argentine Novela Negra, Critiques the 1990s in El vuelo de la reina by Tomás Eloy Martínez and El muerto indiscreto by Rubén Correa.” Chasqui: Revista de Literatura Latinoamericana 39.2 (2010): 171-191.

  • Books:

Conversation in Spanish: Points of Departure

Conversation in Spanish: Points of Departure

Designed for dynamic conversational interaction as early as the second semester of Spanish, Conversation in Spanish presents more than 50 photos or photo-collages with a series of guided questions to elicit students’ analytical and linguistic skills.

Mothers, Lovers, and Others: The Short Stories of Julio Cortázar

Mothers, Lovers, and Others: The Short Stories of Julio Cortázar

Using feminist revisions of psychoanalytic thought and cultural studies, Mothers, Lovers, and Others examines the pervasive role of the conception of the feminine in the short stories of Argentine writer Julio Cortázar (1914–1984). Contending that his obsession with the mother is the source of Cortázar’s uneasiness with femininity, Cynthia Schmidt-Cruz traces an evolution in his relationship to female space, from a convoluted and defensive posture to a more open and tolerant stance, paralleling his increasing political commitment. Schmidt-Cruz explores the role of gender in Cortázar’s quest to reconcile his divided allegiance to Argentina and France, and his denunciation of the atrocities of the Argentine military dictatorship.

“No one doubts that Cortázar is one of the most important Latin American authors of the twentieth century. This book is extremely important because it is part of the new readings about Cortázar that are finally tearing to shreds the veil shrouding his fiction. The topic addresses questions central to the field of feminist criticism and shows how much can be added to our perception of literature when the tools devised by feminism are judiciously and intelligently deployed. No other book on Cortázar gives a better understanding of his female characters or of his evolving attitude toward them. Written in the wake of feminist and gender studies, this book increases our realization of the crucial role played by gender in areas such as national identity and political discourse.” — René Prieto, author of Body of Writing: Figuring Desire in Spanish American Literature

“Julio Cortázar is one of the most significant writers of the last century. A psychoanalytic approach that appraises the development of his female characters in the light of his personal experience and transformations, without incurring on facile identifications, is extremely central to Cortázar study.” — Hortensia R. Morell, Temple University

Crisis in Buenos Aires: Women Bearing Witness

Crisis in Buenos Aires: Women Bearing Witness

Argentina experienced a devastating economic and political collapse in December 2001. In this book women take up the pen and the camera to capture the new reality. Silvina Frydlewsky’s photos juxtapose the plight of Buenos Aires with its faded glory, and poets from all walks of life express their anguish and frustration. Essays discuss and illuminate the crisis from diverse perspectives, conveying what that moment meant for those who lived it. Sample lesson plans offer practical applications for teachers of Spanish, literature, Latin American Studies, and Women’s Studies.

Ideal for scholars, teachers, students, and anyone interested in Latin America, these pages put a human face on the crisis and revisit the chaos in the words and images of Argentine women.

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