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Ali Alalou

  • Associate Professor of French and Pedagogy

University of Delaware
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Ali Alalou is an Associate professor of French and Pedagogy. Professor Alalou teaches courses in French language, French linguistics, and pedagogy; he often teaches Arabic language and culture when Arabic faculty take students abroad. Professor Alalou’s interests are not limited to pedagogy and French linguistics. His areas of interest include Afro-asiatic linguistics (Particularly Tamazight also known as Berber), and North African sociolinguistics and language planning. He is the Sequence Supervisor for the French program and serves as the Foreign Language Education Coordinator. Professor Alalou is the French Credit Evaluator for French and less commonly taught languages in the Foreign Languages Department.


  • Ph.D., French Linguistics, University of California, Davis
  • Certificate in College Teaching. University of California, Davis
  • MA, Teaching French as a Second Language. The Research Center for Applied Linguistics and Pedagogy of Language Teaching (CRAPEL) at the University of Nancy II, Nancy, France
  • Licence (BA), Arabic Letters and Civilization, University of Bordeaux III, Bordeaux, France.


  • Review of the sociolinguistics book by Ruiter, Jan Jaap. Les Jeunes Marocains et leurs langues. L’Harmattan. The French Review. (Fortcoming)
  • Portail de la Francophonie. Kendall Hunt publishing company, (Forthcoming).
  • Review of the sociolinguistics book by Fouad Laroui, Le Drame linguistique marocain. Casablanca, Maroc, Editions Le Fennec. The French Review. (Forthcoming)
  • “Francophonie in the Maghreb: A Study of Language Attitudes Among Teachers of French.” The French Review, v82 (n3) (Feb 2009).
  • Review of the novel Grâce à Jean de La Fontaine by the Moroccan writer Mohamed Nedali. (2006) The French Review.
  • “Language and Ideology in the Maghreb: Francophonie and Other Languages” December 2006. The French Review.
  • “Pragmatics and Syntax of Deixis in Tamazight (Berber): The Case of the Morphemes ‘d’ and ‘nn’.” Journal of Languages and Linguistics: International Journal of Linguistics No.10, 2002.
  • “Syllable Structure in Tamazight ‘Berber’” AWAL: Cahiers d’Etudes Berbères. Editions de La Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris. No. 26, 2002.
  • “Les Apprenants face à l’écrit.” (Formation et Psychopédagogie) Le français dans le monde n°320, Mars-Avril, 2002.
  • “Reevaluating Curricular Objectives Using Students’ Perceived Needs: The Case of Three Language Programs.” Foreign Language Annals Vol. 34. No. 5, Sep/Oct. 2001.
  • “Berber: The Tamazight Variety.” The Encyclopedia of the World’s Languages: Past and Present. July 2001.
  • “Using Student Expectations and Perceived Needs to Rethink Pedagogy and Curriculum: A Case Study.” Foreign Language Annals Vol. 32, No. 1, 1999.
  • “L’Occupation par le film et par le texte.” Le Français dans le monde No. 305, Juillet-Août, 1999.
  • A review of a video on the French Revolution and its pedagogical use in the classroom. The Northeast Conference Review No. 45, Winter 1999.
  • “Argument Structure and Causativization in Berber.” Journal of African Languages and Linguistics 14, 1993.

  • Books:
The Butter Man. <i>Charlesbridge Publishing</i>, 2008.

The Butter Man. Charlesbridge Publishing, 2008.

As young Nora waits impatiently for her mother to come home from work and for her father to serve the long-simmering couscous that smells so delicious, her father tells her about his childhood in Morocco. During a famine, when Nora’s grandfather had to travel far to find work and bring food for the family, her father learned the valuable life lessons of patience, perseverance, and hope.


Professor Alalou is presently working on a project titled: “Sociolinguistics of Francophonie in the Maghreb: the politics of Language and the Language of politics.” (Professor Alalou is working with on this book project with a French acquisition editor, who is interested in this project).

Professional Activities:

  • AATF Board member, State of Delaware,
  • DECTFL Board member, State of Delaware
  • Regular French Linguistics reviewer for the French Review
  • Member of ACTFL
  • Member of MLA
  • Member of Foreign Language Directors

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