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          In this historical moment charged with humanitarian crises and xenophobic nationalism, the DLLC hosted a four-day symposium on ethics, engagement and human rights in April, 2017. The principal theme of the symposium was learning from the past to combat present and future atrocity. The event opened …

Why study Hebrew? Historically, the original Bible was written in Hebrew. Almost the entire Old Testament was written in Hebrew during the thousand years of its composition! Nowadays, Modern Hebrew is spoken in Israel. Israel is one of the leading countries in technological breakthroughs and medical innovations. Israeli scientists have been winners of numerous Nobel prizes in recent years.

Politically, the tension between Israel and neighboring countries and peoples has fascinated the media for many years, and learning the languages of the region, including Hebrew, is invaluable to anyone who wants to pursue a career in government/diplomatic service and to deeply understand the various sides of the conflict. Other career opportunities for Hebrew and Israel Studies include: international business, marketing, translation, journalism, travel, teaching, etc.

Hebrew and Israel Studies at UD is a lot of fun! Students who benefit from dynamic courses offered by a dedicated and expert faculty will find the Hebrew and Israel Studies program at the University of Delaware to be rewarding on so many levels: Hebrew language courses on campus rigorously address the four language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing, while at the same time, focus on Israeli culture through various media. On campus and abroad, Israel Studies courses provide ample opportunity to immerse yourself in Israeli culture, by exploring its rich literature, film, history, politics, society and more! Hebrew and Israel Studies courses may be taken to fulfill requirements for a minor in Jewish Studies, including a minor in “Jewish Studies with Language”. See more information on the Jewish Studies webpage.

Please join us in exploring this fascinating language and culture! Study Hebrew and Israel Studies!


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