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M.A. In Foreign Languages and Literatures (MAFLL)


The purpose of the MA in Foreign Languages and Literatures (MAFLL) is to provide students with the opportunity for professional growth in the areas of language proficiency, in-depth understanding of literature, civilization and culture as well as research and teaching skills.

This flexible Masters Degree program has three options:

  • a single-major plan (30 credits)
  • a major-minor plan (36 credits) and
  • a double-major plan (42 credits)

Students who complete this program find that the additional exposure to the language and the literature prepares them for positions requiring target language fluency and general familiarity with the target culture such as teaching, international business, and government. The program also prepares students for study at the Ph.D level in foreign literature or (especially in the case of those who elect the double major or major/minor option) in comparative literature.

Major fields are French, German, and Spanish.

Minor fields are French, German, Spanish, Latin, Italian, Russian, Applied Linguistics/Pedagogy, and related disciplines.

MAFLL Admission Requirements

MAFLL Degree Requirements

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