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Welcome to German Studies at the University of Delaware!

Dynamic courses, an expert faculty, personalized attention to students, and numerous opportunities to study abroad make German Studies at the University of Delaware a rewarding experience.


Language News

Caitlin Moon (BAFLL French, German, and Italian 2015) finished her MA in English at Villanova University in May 2017. Caitlin plans to attend Trinity College in Dublin to complete a PhD in Medieval Literature. On her time at the DLLC, Caitlin writes, “Completing three separate foreign language majors and taking …

Our courses
We offer a spectrum of innovative courses and regularly update them to keep them relevant to students’ needs and interests. The curriculum includes classes in language, literature, film, history, current events, popular culture, and the European Union.

The Major consists of ten courses:                    The Minor consists of six courses:
GRMN 107                                                           two 200-level courses
three 200-level courses                                        two 300-level courses
three 300-level courses                                        two 400-level courses
three 400-level courses

At the 200 through 400 levels students may choose any course that interests them, as long as it is taught in German. We are able to structure the curriculum in this way because the basic skills of reading, speaking, writing, and aural comprehension are integrated into every class we offer.

Our Faculty
The German faculty is a dedicated group of teachers, each with many years of professional experience. We get to know our students and are readily available to mentor them. Students receive guidance in choosing courses, help finding scholarships and study abroad programs, as well as support when they pursue careers or further study.

Study Abroad
We offer study abroad programs in two beautiful, historic cities: Salzburg, Austria and Leipzig, Germany. As an enhancement to course work, these programs include many excursions to cultural sites. Need- and merit-based scholarships are available for both programs.

Additionally, our students may compete for scholarships that cover expenses for two other study abroad opportunities: a four-week summer program in Fulda, Germany and grant for a full year of study at a German university (see below).

Scholarships, Prizes, and Support for Students
Thanks to our strong relationships with area businesses, clubs, and individual donors, we are able to offer a range of prizes and scholarships:

  • Prizes:
    The Sepp Hilsenrad Memorial Award (a prize of $1,000 to an outstanding German major)
    The Marion Wiley Memorial Award (a cash prize to an outstanding non-major)
    The Delaware Sängerbund Scholarship (three prizes of $250.00 to top students in GRMN 105,
    GRMN 106, and GRMN 107
  • Scholarships:
    Travel and tuition to the International Summer School in Fulda, Germany. We usually award two
    of these each year.
    Two Federation of German/American Clubs grants for a full year of study at a German university.
  • Check out the winners of our recent video contest, “Warum Deutsch?”

    First Prize: Jessica Webb – https://youtu.be/wo22FMjkTe4
    Second Prize: Dana MacIntosh – https://youtu.be/5g9X3T8sa9U
    Honorable Mention: Dominic Badovinac – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zf6lux0CZhI
    Honorable Mention: Marc Glenn – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0bQK2jHka0

Support and Extracurricular:
Students are mentored and encouraged to apply for outside grants as well. Many of our German
majors and minors have won prestigious national/international grants and prizes.
We sponsor an active German Club with many members. Its events enable students to practice
their German and learn more about German culture.
We sponsor a chapter of the German Honor Society, Delta Phi Alpha, with a festive event each
year to recognize student success.


                                                          German Faculty

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