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Martinique study abroad director Flora Poindexter and her students were featured in the France-Antilles newspaper on January 17, 2018. Congratulations to the group for their hard work in their internship placements! http://www.martinique.franceantilles.fr/regions/centre/immersion-en-terre-martiniquaise-451890.php  

The main goal of French studies at UD is to ensure that enrolled students become skilled in using the French language to communicate with French speakers all over the world. On campus and through study abroad, every effort is made so that students understand as fully as possible French and Francophone literature and civilization and the contributions they have made and continue to make to human culture. Students will find the French program at the University of Delaware to be one of the most rewarding and positive linguistic and cultural experiences. Immerse yourself in the culture of France and francophone world by exploring their rich literatures, films, history, politics, and current events. Prepare for graduate study, at the MA or PhD level, or for a career in international business, journalism, translation, editing, marketing, travel, teaching, or many other fields. Expand your world and prepare your future: discover the fascination of a culture that has contributed and continues to contribute to human culture.

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