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Up-Coming DLLC Course Offerings

Herein lie the Language, Literature and Culture courses offered by the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures for the coming semester.  Many of these courses are true adventures into the thoughts and cultural sensibilities of artists whose word-craft is amazing both in terms of its linguistic artistry and its representations of the struggles, perceptions, and understandings of a people present to us now only through the literature and cultural histories they have created and left behind.  These courses offer access to another way of talking about and seeing a world that is almost inaccessible in their absence.  They are gateways that tend to lead us beyond the traditions, assumptions, and perceptions that hold us all captive to our daily lives, moving us instead into a larger world outside of our own.  It is from courses such as these that we find a wealth of perspective that enriches all of life’s experiences immeasurably.  The adventure of a lifetime may begin here at your fingertips.

Ancient Greek Arabic Chinese French
German LLCU Italian Japanese
Latin Portuguese Russian Spanish

Note: Links in red lead to Fall 2018 offerings.

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