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Careers Using Language Skills

A key factor in determining the marketability of your language training is your actual level of ability (or proficiency) in the language.  Visit our Language Resource Center (006 Jastak Burgess Hall) for information on how to obtain an objective assessment of your oral proficiency, and consult the following chart for guidance of the kinds of job assignments that correspond to each level of ability.

ACTFL Oral Proficiency Levels in the Workplace

University of Delaware Resources

The Career Services Center at the University of Delaware provides helpful assistance and resources for language students seeking to take advantage of their linguistic skills in their job search.  For additional information, consult the following links:


ACTFL Resources

On the ACTFL (The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) web site, there is a series of articles from The Language Educator focusing on different career opportunities available to language professionals and exploring how students might prepare for these jobs (http://www.actfl.org/careers-using-language-skills).









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