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Dr. Bridget Buxton, associate professor of history at the University of Rhode Island, presented a lecture on “Underwater Archaeology: The New Holy Grails” on Nov. 10, 2016 at the the University of Delaware. Buxton, an underwater archaeologist who has led expeditions across the Mediterranean, will discuss new discoveries and future challenges …

The Ancient Greek and Roman Studies program provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and civilization of Ancient Greece and Rome. As a program of study, Ancient Greek and Roman Studies concerns itself with all aspects of ancient Greek and Roman culture and its influence through the Middle Ages and Renaissance up to the present day. The program focuses not just on Greek and Roman language and literature but also on material culture (art history and archaeology), on economic, political, social, and intellectual history, and on philosophy, religion, and myth. Unlike most other areas of study, Ancient Greek and Roman Studies is truly interdisciplinary and, as such, provides a unique experience for students with many different interests and intended career paths.

What’s special about the Program?
Ancient Greek and Roman Studies is particularly well suited to students with a range of interests, and it provides them with exposure to a wide variety of disciplines—as wide as they chose. This major concentration is at once structured and extremely flexible, as it allows students to tailor their curriculum to their particular interests. Program courses consist of language, literature (focusing on ancient Greek and Latin authors), and culture courses taught by Foreign Languages and Literatures faculty as well as courses taught by faculty from a range of collaborating departments (Theater, Art History, History, English, Anthropology, and Philosophy).

The university experience of students concentrating in Ancient Greek and Roman Studies is enhanced by the option to study abroad. The ancient studies program abroad focuses on the civilization and culture of ancient Greece. The program is based in Athens, in an exquisite neoclassical villa, where students may enroll in a variety of courses, including Art and Architecture of Ancient Greece, Ancient Greek History, Ancient Greek Comedy, and Modern Greek Language. The program in Greece comprises frequent visits to archaeological sites and museums, and weekends are reserved for trips to more remote sites such as the sanctuary of the god Apollo at Delphi and the sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia.

Career Paths
Because Ancient Greek and Roman Studies is interdisciplinary in nature, it prepares students for a diversity of career paths. Students selecting this course of study have, for example, successfully pursued careers in law, medicine, advertising, business, architecture, art, archaeology, communication, journalism, museum work (curatorial, conservation, exhibition design), and education both at the university and high school level.


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