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2017 Japanese National Honor Society Induction

From left: Kim Marcozzi, Brenton Baker, Shaoqing Ni, Chika Inoue, Huiyang Qian, Iliana Burgos, Ethan Takemoto, Rachael Hutchinson, Kristine Fagtanac, Mutsuko Sato, and Mark Miller

The 2017 inductees to the Japanese National Honor Society include Laura Behm, Brenton Baker, Iliana Burgos, Kristine Fagtanac,Shaoqing Ni, Huiyang Qian, Rachel Savage, Ethan Takemoto, and Shunsuke Tomatsu.

Our Yotsukura Prize winners (Japanese Major) were Iliana Burgos and Kim Marcozzi, while the Yotsukura Prize winner (Japanese Minor) went to Shaoqing Ni.

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